Save Menlo Park

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We Are Menlo Park Families and Residents  

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SaveMenlo is made up of residents who believe in a walkable and livable Menlo Park.  There are nearly six hundred folks involved.  We are your neighbors, we bike the Tour de Menlo, we go swimming at Burgess, and our kids probably have been in the same class as yours.  

Some of us have lived here for over 50 years and are now retired, and some of us have recently moved in with our young families.   We’re young, old, and somewhere in the middle.  

We believe in the public vision of the development for Menlo Park – the blueprint for a reasonable development for an environmentally and financially sustainable Menlo Park.  

We are concerned about affect of mega office development – that was not part of the public vision.   

We want the city to enforce the public vision created 5 years ago for reasonable,  balanced development that will protect the high quality of life and safety for children and families in Menlo Park.

Volunteers and Supporters

9 Formers mayors:

Gerry Andeen, Jack Morris, Gail Slocum, Steve Schmidt, Mary Jo Borak,Paul Collacchi, Heyward Robinson, Kelly Fergusson, and Andy Cohen

Community leaders: 

Vincent Bressler, Menlo Park Planning Commissioner

Lucy Calder, Housing Commission

Chirstina Smolke,Environmental Quality Commission

Bruce Ives, Former President, Menlo Park City School District Board

Jim Eakin, Former Member, Menlo Park City School District Board

Patti Fry, Former Menlo Park Planning Commission Chair

Clark Kepler, President, Hometown Peninsula Independent Business Alliance

J. Michael Gullard – Member, Downtown Specific Plan Oversight & Outreach Committee (2008-2012)

John Hickson – Secretary, Menlo Park Live Oak Lions Club

Chuck Bernstein – Director, Menlo Park Fire Protection District Board

Margaret Carney – Co-founder, Menlo Park Farmers Market

Carrie Du Bois, Sequoia Union High School District BoardMenlo Park Farmers Market

Lennie Roberts, Environmetal Advocate

Stuart Soffer, Former Planning Commissioner

Rhoda Alexander, Former Transportation Commissioner

Charles Bourne, Former Transportation Commissioner

John D. Fox, Former Bicycle Commission

Megan Gutelius, Former Environmental Quality Commissioner

Brielle Johnck, Former Environmental Quality Commissioner

Mary Kenney, Former Environmental Quality Commissioner 

Joanne Goldberg, Former Parks and Recreation Commission

Don Brawner, Former Housing Commissioner


Marcy Abramowitz, Bruce Adornato, Carol Aebi, Verle Aebi,
Kate Ague, Donald Albers, Gerardine Albers, David Alfano, Anna Alioto,
Katharine Allison, Beverly Altschuler, Elizabeth Ambuhl, Christopher
Anderson, Todd Atkins, Erika Bailey, Carolo Bain, Christopher Baldwin,
Corazon Baliton, Lynore Banchoff, Lawrence Barasch, Nancy Barnby, Don
Barnby, Linda Barnes, Lauri Battista, Andrew Becker, Michelle Becker,
Jenny Beeler, Sarina Beges, Edith Besze, David Bingham,   
Corissa Binns, Beverley Bird, Elias Blawie, Dave & Cherrie Bogart,
Pamela Bonino, Richard Bonino, Nancy Borgeson, Bo Boudart, Sharon Bozzo,
Mike Brady, Julianne Brawner, Patricia Bredehoft, Valerie Brooke- Wilke,
Chris Brosnan, Dennis Brown, Kay Brown, Morris Brown, Michael Buchanan,
Neilson Buchanan, Stephen Calder, Paul Caletti, Lynne Calvarese, Bobbie
& Joe Carcione, Sandra Carter, Nicol Chaput, Michael Christy, Christine
Clarke, Michael Closson, Marian Coffey, Peter Coffey, Susan Connelly, Ed
Connolly, Kathryn Connolly, Peter Cook, Natalie Coupe, Nancy Couperus,
Nancy Cox, Mayra Cramer, Tom Cramer, Kelly Crawford, Roger Crawley, Jack
Cronin, Sharyn Crosat, Gordon Cruikshank, Carol Cunningham, Cecile
Currier, Linh Dang, Susan Danzig, Jean Davidson Lindman, Dianne De Laet,
Steven De Laet, Russell Dember, Ann Diederich, Morgan Diolaiti, Anita
Dippery, Dan Dippery, Kathleen Djordjevich, Mark Drury, Jeanne Du Prau,
Tom Dubois, Cynthia Dusel-Bacon, Mali Einen, Philip Ekedahl,
Robert Ekedahl, Donald Ellis, Jacquelynne Ellis, Anna Enerio, Bob English,
Gregory/Greg Evans, Eric Fain, Sonali Fain, Alicia Falsetto, James
Fehrle, Sally Finkle, Daniel Finlay, George Fisher, Christina Fogel,
Arthur Folker, Christine Franco, Thomas Franklin, Valerie Frederickson,
Ruben Fuentez, Honor Fullerton Stone, Nancy Fulton, Kenneth Fuson, Nino
Gaetano, Mary Gage, Elisabetta Gaiani, Laura Gallagher, Scott Gamble,
Marisa Garcia, Gregory Garlock, Jane Garratt, Jeanne Gary, Jeannine
Gauthier, David Geraghty, Debra Gerow, Mark Gerow, Brian Gilmer, Triona
Gogarty, Laurie Goldman, Paul Goldman, Timothy Goode, Yonatan Goraly,
Barbara Gray, Bill Gray, Simonne Greene, Andrew Guevara, Pamela Gullard,
Tamara Gurbis, Michael Haberecht, Roxanne Hage, Elizabeth Hagman,
Jonathan Hahn, Robert Hamilton, Julie Harris, Kevin Harris, Diane Hart,
Peter Hart, Candace Hathaway, James Healy, Kathryn Henkens- Mayall,
Debra Heredia, Robert Heredia, Scott Herscher, Kristy Holch, Donald
Holmquest, Hilary Holmquest, Neil Holtzman, Janel Hopper, Elizabeth
Houck, Sandra Huang, Jarrod Huffman, Helen Ingwersen, Kempton Izuno,
Virginia Jacobsen, Ann James, Beth Jimison, Brian Johnson, Debbi
Jones-Thomas, Marion Joseph, Veneta Kanelakos, Theo Keet, Elza Keet,
Anthony Kelly, Anne Kirkbride, Amy Klein, Dail Koehler, Melissa Kong,
Kevin Kraemer, Brian Kruzic, Alexander Kugushev, Merry Kuo, Ken Lajoie,
Michelle Lamarre, Mike Lanza, Lloyd Leanse, Kristen Leep, Eileen
Lehmann, Stephne Lencioni, Roger Levin, Annette Lewis, Peter Li, Adele
Lieberman, Robert Lindemann, Amy Linnert, Eleni Linos, Brenda Lo, Susan
Lockwood, Osnat Loewewenthal, Linda Lorenzetti, Esther Louth, Gregory
Lucas, Anne Lumsdaine, Kristi Lutge, Robert Lutge, Lorraine Macchello,
Hugh Macdonald, Paul Machado, James Madison, Caterina Maestrini, James
Magats, Shalini Magats, Shaun Maguire, Manige Maleksalehi, Lisa Maloney,
Sally Mancini, Jennifer Marsh, Beth Martin, Joanna Martin, James
Masterson, Renee Masterson, Cathy Mathews, Paula Maurano, Nathan
Mazonson, Jennifer Mazzon, Mark McBirney, Mark Mcbrast, Heidi McCusker,
Martin McDonough, Stephen Mehl, Joseph Mell, Richard Meredith, Erna
Metzger, Lynn Mickleburgh, Anne Midler, Frederick Miller, Kathleen
Miller, Kayleen Miller, Farhad Mirkhani, Barrett Moore, Karen Moore,
Mike Moore, Harry Morey, Martha Morey, Katrina Morris, Laurel Morris
Wessler, Roger Morrison, David Morton, Kevyn Allard, Michael Moskowitz,
Robert Moss, Joanna Mountain, Gwyn Murray, Charlotte Muse, Elizabeth
Nash, Holly Nash, Horace Nash, Regine Nelson, Barbara Newton, James
Newton, Mary Ngai, Manthi Nguyen, Perla Ni, Catherine Norton, Jeffrey
Norton, Patrick Norton, Timothy Norton, Annabelle Nye, Blaine Nye,
Zachary Nye, Frank O’Neill, Joan O’Neill, Allen Odian, Martha Onasch,
Margaret Osborn, Paul Osborn, Adam Ottley, Jeffrey Pallin, Neel Patel,
Carmen Pekelsma, Nicholas Pekelsma, Elizabeth Peters, Stefan Petry,
Cynthia Podesta, Paul Podesta, Janet Poses, William
Prainito, Janwillem Prak, Sandra Pursell, Stephen Pursell, Priyanka
Rajagopalan, Steve Rasmussen, Rene Revueltas, Rich Reynoso, Jean Rice,
David Roise, Janet Ronstadt, Karen Salty, Pam & Oscar Salviatierra, Rhea
Sampson, Nicole Scarborough, Patricia Schank, Cindy Schlaefer, Brian
Schmitz, Susan Schneider, Kathy Schoendorf, Susan Schoenung, Marjorie
Schulz, Lauren Schwartz, Edna Scott, Stanley Scott, Lynn Segal, Joe
Seidel, Lalit Shahani, Kevin Sheehan, Dana Shields, Wendy Shindler,
Bonnie Sickinger, Michael Sickinger, Sangheeta Singh, Ann Sison, Court
Skinner, Joan Skurnick, Joan Smithline, Peg Spak, Gail Sredanovic, Tina
Stanford, Adam Stern, John Stimson, David Stone, Herbert Stone, Marjorie
Stone, Timothy Straight, Douglas Strauss, Peggy Stretch, Paul
Studemeister, Jennifer Sullivan, Brian Sutphin, Janice Sutphin, Kristin
Swanson, Janice Sweeney, Rob Swigart, William Tandler, Maria Tapia,
Mahra Teikmanis, Nancy Terry, Sara Tevis, Vera Teyravsky Goupille,
Charles Thomas, Ana Thompson, John Todd, Thomas Tranfaglia, Paula
Travers, Carl Treadwell, Victoria Tregoning, Klara Turner, Jana
Tuschman, Mark Tuschman, Terri Vaccaro, Alex Vaewsorn, Paul Vais, Victor
Valdez Jr., Edward Wagner, Nancy Wagner, Ashley Wagstaff, Rebecca
Wallace, Tim & Clare Warner, Joanne Wells, Christine Wendin, Robert
Wendin, James Wiley, Janet Willbanks, Michael Williams, Catherine
Wilson, Ross Wilson, Teddy Wilson, Tyler Wilson, Georgia Windhorst, Bill
Wohler, Jackie Wood, Jennifer Yonemitsu, Elizabeth Youngblood, Anna Zara, Cheryl
Zaslawsky, Marjorie Zimmerman, Ronald Zolezzi, and many more

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