SaveMenlo Rebuttal: The Facts

Rebuttal to Argument Against Measure M 

Vote YES to preserve Menlo Park’s small town charm and character.

Measure M gives voters a choice about future development.  Opponents support massive office developments in downtown. We don’t. We support balanced growth.

Measure M encourages developers to better match their projects to Menlo Park’s character.

Opponents’ arguments distort the facts and contradict the City consultant’s conclusions. 

Here’s the truth:

REVITALIZATION – Measure M closes loopholes to provide REAL open space and a vibrant mix of shops, restaurants, offices, housing, and hotels – as adopted in the 2009 Downtown Vision.  

Without Measure M, developers will count balconies and rooftops as “Open Space”; massive office complexes will be approved by the City Council, changing the heart of town for our lifetimes.  

Don’t be misled:  Vacant lots will be redeveloped.  Menlo Park is desirable to developers. Measure M encourages more variety of property uses, more consistency with Menlo Park’s residential character.


LESS CONGESTION – Less office space means less rush hour gridlock on El Camino Real, and less cut-through traffic in our neighborhoods.

MORE REVENUE – The City’s own study concluded Measure M will not burden the City, Schools, or the Fire District.  Hotels, shops, and restaurants provide City tax revenues – unlike offices.

VOTER VOICE – Council remains able to approve projects and modify zoning rules at any time; they will not be able to reset limits on office development without voter approval.


Vote YES on M for a revitalized downtown that retains a small town character, protects our neighborhoods and children, and funds important services for our residential community.



J. Michael Gullard – Member, Downtown Specific Plan Oversight & Outreach Committee (2008-2012)
John Hickson  – Secretary, Menlo Park Live Oak Lions Club
Chuck Bernstein – Director, Menlo Park Fire Protection District Board*
Mary Jo Borak – Former Menlo Park Mayor
Margaret Carney – Co-founder, Menlo Park Farmers Market

*For identification purposes only; author is signing as an individual and not on behalf of an organization.

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