Response to Developer's Kitchen Sink Attacks

I have been a member of the Menlo Park Planning Commission since 2007 and was chair of the Commission when the Specific Plan was reviewed. I am appalled at the maliciously inaccurate information being given to voters by the anti-M campaign funded by out-of-town developers.

The facts are: Yes on M limits offices, restores public open space and helps to protect us from traffic nightmares. If we do not act, I believe that too much office will crowd out local shops, restaurants, and services for residents.

The developer’s glossy mailers and paid phone callers are claiming that Measure M will: Increase traffic, require an election every time the council wants to act, crowd schools, open the door to unwanted development, cause litigation, impact the fire station, and more.

I can tell you that every single one of these claims is highly speculative and or flat out wrong.



Yes on M is a defensive action by residents who wish to maintain our quality of life in Menlo Park and who are not satisfied with the actions of the City Council to that end. Yes on M does not change the architectural review process nor does it reduce any of the existing oversight or controls that are built into the Specific Plan.

I support Yes on M because a wall of office buildings along El Camino is my definition of permanent blight. Yes on M sets reasonable limits on large office development in the Specific Plan area, along El Camino and downtown. The developer’s argument that our one and only option to fix downtown is to substitute weeds and fences along El Camino with massive office complexes is absurd.

When you are confronted with the breathless arguments against Measure M, please remember what Yes on M actually does and why your fellow residents felt compelled to put it on the ballot to protect the Menlo Park we live in and love. I urge you to support Yes on M by donating or volunteer along side the other volunteers getting the facts out.

Vincent Bressler 
Menlo Park Planning Commissioner

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