What We've Accomplished Together

This is not the end. This is the beginning. The developers outspent us more than 2 to 1. The city council, whose campaigns were supported by developers, were all opposed limits to developers plans. And many people were confused about “no traffic” and “no development” and voted “no”.

But, almost everyone we got a chance to talk to face-to-face, voted for us.

And before this campaign, people didn’t know about the Stanford project or the Greenheart project. We’ve raised awareness of the traffic congestion problems, we’ve championed balanced development and real open space. We’ve demanded greater transparency and accountability of city council, exposing the culture of cozy city council and business relationships that shortchanges Menlo Park residents.

This campaign isn’t about just Measure M. This is a fight to make sure that Menlo Park’s future belongs to residents. This is a fight to make sure that residents’ voices are heard by our government. Let’s continue our efforts to protect the quality of life for Menlo Park residents together.

A huge thank you to all of our dedicated supporters, neighbors, countless volunteers and donors!   

History of Yes on M

Our community came together in 2007-2012 to create a Vision and Plan for Downtown development that would protect our small town character.

But the Menlo Park City Council sided with developers by overlooking Plan loopholes that allow counting private rooftops and balconies as open space, building massive office complexes along El Camino Real, and bringing more rush hour commuters cutting through our neighborhoods.

Vote Yes on M to stop massive office development, prevent further traffic gridlock, assure balanced growth with retail, housing, open space, restaurants, and office buildings that suit Menlo Park’s residential community.

PRESERVE Menlo Park’s small town character with

  • local shops and restaurants 
  • public open space
  • safe streets for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • balanced growth

PROTECT our neighborhoods from heavier rush hour and cut-through traffic.

Join 10 Former Menlo Park Mayors and the Sierra Club in Voting YES on Measure M

Yes on M

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